Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk

Dominik Lenk

2015 Mini Transat

Single-handed across the Atlantic on a 6.5 meter high-performance yacht More about the race ›

The Second (And Third) Leg

The second leg. Or rather the leg that people mean when you talk about the Mini Transat. A summary about 17 days on the Atlantic and a restart in Mindelo.

Ready for the Second Leg

Just a few hours are left until the start of the second leg. It might look simple, after all it is just a straight line across the Atlantic, but it starts with plenty of local wind effects between the Canary Islands that could spell mayhem. And let’s not forget that it is almost twice as long as the first leg with potentially days on end without seeing another boat. The winners will be those that manage to keep sailing on the edge, something which is extremely difficult without having anyone to sail against.

Water and food before the start

Mini Transat Leg 1

Arriving in Lanzarote

The first leg of the Mini Transat Iles de Guadeloupe started on the 19th of September. For the last 10 days before the start all competitors were towed inside the inner harbour of Douarnenez, which nobody was allowed to leave before the start. Security checks took up the first few days; after that the race village opened its doors to the public. Most skippers were still tinkering away, but all in all this transat was looking very prepared. A lot of boats simply stayed locked for the last couple of days. But if you met the skipper in question, it quickly became obvious that things were changing: Still friendly as always, but much more abrupt. Many realised only now that they had in fact qualified for the race and would sail across the Atlantic in a couple of days.