Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk

1000 Mile Qualifier

I was happy when I arrived in Douarnenez after 10 days of sailing. The last couple of days had been hard—slamming upwind for the last 200 miles under two reefs and small jib. Every time the boat fell down another wave crest I was left hanging midair above the boat. Hanging on to something on deck is easy; down below it is another matter entirely, especially when one tries to fall asleep for 15 minutes.

2015 Mini en Mai

The tracker for the 2015 Mini en Mai is available here:

Immediately after the start of the second leg

The Mini en Mai is the last race that I need for a successful qualification for the Mini Transat. Originally 500 miles were planned along the French Atlantic coast. In the end this became a little more than 240. A low pressure area was forecast to hit the continent exactly at the point when the fleet would pass through the Raz de Sein. 40 knots of wind against 6 knots of current is a little too much.