Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk

Preparing for the Transat: Winter Work

After four month of winter work, everything is slowly starting up again. In May I will head to France to sail the Mini en Mai, a 500 mile single-handed race. It will be the last race that I need for a successful qualification for the Mini Transat.

A short flashback on the winter so far: Until New Years I was busy sanding the hull. I had put some solid dents into the boat during my first few harbour maneuvers and after ten years the paint was not looking that well anyway: Four Atlantic crossings leave a mark.

Dominik Lenk @ Boot Düsseldorf

I will be at Boot Düsseldorf to talk about the first steps of my Mini Transat campaign. Check it out at the Sailing Center in hall 17. (Dates and times below—in German)

My current boat (#348) is also being shown just alongside the stage. If you have always wanted to check out a pocket-format race boat, come pay me a visit at booth B78 in hall 17.

Offshore Regatta Sailing: The 2015 Mini Transat

  • Wednesday, 21.01.2015 at 16:30
  • Thursday, 22.01.2015 at 12:30
  • Friday, 23.01.2015 at 16:45
  • Sunday, 25.01.2015 at 13:15

You can find the complete programme for the Sailing Center in hall 17 here.

Mini Barcelona 2014

The start was on October 17th at 13:00. Tracking available here

The Mini Barcelona will be the last qualifier for me this year. After a second place during the AIR Valencia I know that it is possible to sail competitively with an older boat: Just sail tactically and make less mistakes that the other guys. But the Mini Barcelona is a simple drag race and tactics don’t count for much. 130 nautical miles to Menorca and 130 nautical miles back to Barcelona.

After a short tack to the south the fleet headed towards Menorca. I was in third place and could clearly see the two leaders in front. I knew that my hull shape and my single daggerboard would somehow limit my speed on a reaching course, but as long as I could keep in contact with the leaders, all was fine.