Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk

Mini Air 2014

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The start was on September 21st at 14:00: Live tracking is available at

One last fix here and another tweak there. It is getting late when I move the mast back another tiny bit to prevent the bow digging into the waves.

Whether that will happen is however, still wide open to debate. Last week it started blowing around midday every day, but the next couple of days look rather bleak. Or to say it another way, very tactical. Nevertheless, according to the routing we are set to complete the course in little more than two days.

A total of 15 boats will at the start line: 8 series and 7 protos of which I am one. Most of the other protos are much newer than my own 348. Together with plenty of experience, this is a fleet that could turn this race into a baptism by fire for me.

Last night's routing. Two different forecasts, two routes …