Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk


Plans for the boat have been drawn, most of the carbon has been sponsored and delivered. Unfortunately, the boat builder who was supposed to build the boat cannot do so anymore. There’s alternatives of course, but the money is too tight.

Even if I continue as up until now, I will need at least another three years to finance the hull. That’s why I spent the weekend in France to look for a used boat.

AOS in Lorient
France is the land of minis. Boats are literally everywhere. 4 days, 3,500km and 8 boats later, I have a notebook full of comments and lots of pictures.

The difference between a used boat and a new one is mainly weight. About 150kg do make a difference when the entire boat only weights 800kg and when racing for 8.400km.

Therefore I will still try to find a main sponsor to build the boat as planned ready for next year. The new boat will not only be considerably lighter than a used boat, but also have a much better hull shape. Nevertheless, right now, a used boat is needed to get back on the water. I still need your support to accomplish this. You can become a private sponsor starting at 50€ . More information:

2014 Season

Within the next couple of weeks I will find a used boat. The first official Classe Mini qualification races are planned towards the end of the summer in the Mediterranean. Until then I will sail several German regattas that might not count towards qualifying, but should help get to grips with the boat.