Mini Transat 2015 · Dominik Lenk

Sponsors & Suppliers


Marinepool provides me with sailing gear, lifejacket and safety gear. More about Marinepool.


Gleistein Ropes provides all lines onboard, including the standing rigging. Ultra light shrouds and stays with Dyneema® Max Technology are heat set for greater strength and minimised construction stretch. Compared to traditional wire rigging, it is more than 9 times lighter at the same diameter and weight. More about Gleistein and High-End Rigging.


Katadyn supplies all freeze-dried food during all regattas. Extremely light, quick and easy to prepare and in enough variations to make sure that food stays interesting during long races . More about Trek’n Eat.

Additionally, a watermaker will accompany me during the 2015 Mini Transat as part of my grab bag. More about Katadyn.


PredictWind collects and analyses the wind and routing data, especially on a local scale, to be able to start the race with the best possible weather information. More about PredictWind.

Partners & Private Sponsors

Bastian Hauck, Stefan Krutsch, Edwin Broekhuijs, Brigitte & Olaf Schoen, Hannelore Lenk, Gerd H. Utz, Ed Kerkhoven, Gabi & Michael Klasmeier, Kerstin & Joachim Sowart, Diana Thijssen, Iwona & Dick Venema, Linda & Peter Janmaat, Gertrude Brommer, Wim Klijn, Sylvia Broekhuys, Watersportvereniging Nieuwe Meer, Bernd Schmitz, Ulrike Löptien

Hof&Art, Dr. Stefan Serguhn—operative Augenheilkunde, Jürgen Heid,, Steuerberatung Tatjana Münch